Work in the Time of COVID-19

For many of us, there have never been less clear boundaries between our personal lives and our work. Articles are being published almost daily, it seems, highlighting the impact that the pandemic is having on working mothers. Moreover, the long term effects of the coronavirus on gender equality in the workplace is disheartening at best. We are being reminded that these are “unprecedented” times in which we are living. And yet, despite the fact that our work has become more flexible in where and when we are working, most organizations have failed to adjust goals or expectations. In short, we are being told that we can work from home while we’re juggling distance education for our children or care for elderly family members but, we had better find the time to get the same amount of work done that we were doing pre-COVID. Hmph.

What now? I don’t know about you, but at the moment, I need something more than advice to “do some yoga.” I like this Bustle article about practicing self care because it breaks down different types of self-care and reminds us to celebrate the little things that we can do for ourselves each day. Take a shower? Check! Drink some water? Winning! More than anything else right now, I am seeing and feeling the need to refocus on what matters to me most and to let some of the extra stuff go. That might mean that my house is dustier than I’d like, that I cook fewer meals from scratch, or that I push off a meeting at work that isn’t urgent. My challenge to you? Find one thing that you can say “no” to this week. Give yourself a break and take something off of your plate.

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