Why attend Summer School at Meredith?

After a tough year, you and your student may be wondering if summer school is the right choice. While every student has to consider her own personal situation and needs, here are a few reasons it might make sense to take a course or two this summer at Meredith.

Catch up or get ahead. Summer school allows students to fulfill some of their general education requirements, with a range of options available. Incoming freshmen and transfer students who want to get a head start on their studies will benefit, as will upper-level students who can use the summer to get ahead. 

Get their schedule early. Freshmen and transfer students who register for summer courses can meet with an advisor and get their fall schedules earlier than usual.

Study with expert faculty. Whether your student takes an online, face-to-face, or hybrid course, all summer school classes are taught by highly qualified Meredith faculty they know and trust.

Use time efficiently. Summer school is a great way to complete credits quickly. Meredith’s co-educational summer session options include three- and five-week sessions and a full-term session that runs from May through July.

Save money. Attending summer school is cost-effective, with lower per-credit tuition than during the regular school year. Pell Grants can be used for summer coursework. In addition, incoming freshmen and transfer students can apply their deposit to tuition and finance summer school tuition through their payment plan for 2021-22. (Contact Meredith Financial Assistance for more information.)

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