What to Expect on Move-In Day 2017

Move-In Day for the Class of 2021 is one month away! First-year students will move in on Saturday, August 19. Meredith students share some insights on what to expect on this exciting day.

“To say you will feel welcomed is truly an understatement. Feeling the sisterhood begins the moment you enter the front drive. Expect to be accepted with arms wide open. —Alli Barrow, ’20, a Business Administration major from Goldsboro, N.C.

“Expect that Move-In Day will be exciting, crazy, and maybe a little stressful. So much happens that it’s important to take a minute to realize how exciting that day will be! While it may be a little scary to think about this new step in your life, Meredith is such a welcoming place that’ll feel like home in no time.” —Kaitlin Toxey, ’18, a Psychology and Communication major from Raleigh, N.C.

“Move-In Day can be stressful, but orientation events are useful and provide great opportunities to make friends and learn more about ways you can get involved.” —Mary Kolisnichenko, ’19, a Mathematics and Economics major from Luhansk, Ukraine.

“There’s going to be a lot of information to take in during orientation. Don’t expect to be an expert on everything that same day, but you’ll get yourself comfortable before you know it. This is also a good time to make friends.” —Helina Biru, ’18, an Interior Design major from Ethiopia.

“During Move-In Day/Orientation freshmen should expect to be welcomed into the Meredith community and to gain many support groups right off the bat. Although orientation comes with a lot of information in a small amount of time, members of the Meredith community are there to help all freshmen and ensure that they are not overwhelmed. Whether it is a Resident Assistant, Student Advisor, Faculty Advisor, Big Sis, etc., someone will always be there to help. —Kayla Satterwhite, ’20, a Psychology major from Oxford, N.C

“Expect to experience a lot! From moving into your first room to participating in the Honor Code ceremony, you will have met so many new people and received so much information you may not know what to do with yourself. Move-In day is definitely a day you will never forget. It may be a hard day for some, but just know everyone is so welcoming and kind. You will gain so many friends in just those first few days. —Katelyn Steadman, ’19, a Biology major from Randleman, N.C.

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