What Employers Are Telling Us Right Now

In a recent career trek to Parker Lord, a technology and manufacturing company, Meredith students and OCP team members gained insight into current workplace expectations for career-ready graduates.  According to human resources representatives, many of these expectations are true across industries, organizations, and positions.

Tailor application documents to internship and job applications. When experience is limited, highlight classroom learning and on-campus research or projects on application materials and in the interview.  Be sure to emphasize the outcomes and individual learning of the research or project and make it clear how that learning, skill gained, or outcome can benefit the organization and position applied for.  

Relevant skills for the industry, organization, and position are necessary to showcase on application materials.  This may include technical skills, research skills, laboratory skills, writing and editing skills, and career readiness competencies.  Employers expect candidates to draw connections from the skills they possess to the position and organization they are considering and have the ability to articulate and explain them in writing and in the interview process. 

Organizational size makes an impact on the application, onboarding, training, and on-the-job work expectations.  In large companies where applicant tracking systems are used, format application materials that align with company standards and expectations of the job.

In the internship and job search process, an active and diversified approach is more critical than ever.  Networking events, career fairs, informational interviews, and employer events on and off campus where candidates can make connections – make a big impact in this process.  Be prepared to be patient, too.  The process from application to offer can be long and feedback from employers is not always plentiful or timely within candidates’ own standards.  Begin the process early, manage expectations, stay in communication with employers, and seek out the support of resources and individuals within your circle of trust who will support you.

When asked what keeps them at the organization, employees during this Career Trek said:

  • The challenge of new projects and problems to solve 
  • The team and opportunity to collaborate with others
  • Individual empowerment to work on projects and tasks of interest
  • Flexibility within the organization and position

What intrigues you about an organization or position and inspires you to apply?  If you are employed, what keeps you at your organization?  What might tempt you to leave?  In what ways do you advocate for professional development related to your career goals within your organization?  Who are the members in your circle that you rely on for support when facing a career transition? 

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