THE VIVE LA DIFFÉRENCE TOUR: Meredith Travels to France in late spring 2023

To go to France and only see Paris? Tragique! To go to France and NOT see Paris? Impardonnable! We are calling our spring 2023 tour the “Vive la Difference” tour because it will include the best of both.  Arriving in Paris we will see the fabled collections of Impressionist paintings of Monet in the city’s museums – but also venture into the countryside to Giverny to stroll through his fabulous gardens.

To dine in fine city restaurants is a requirement, but so, too, is going to the source of that food and wine for wine tastings in the country.  Spend nights in the bustle of the City of Lights? Oui! But also spend a night surrounded by the solitude found inside the medieval walls of a Mont St. Michel without tourists? Magique!

From the Battle of Hastings, 1066, as depicted on the Bayeux Tapestry, to the memorial sites of World War II in Normandy, from Medieval to modern, from the urban heart of France to its stunning coasts, the 13-day Vive la Différence tour will include new experiences for everyone.

Additional information, including the official tour date, is forthcoming.  For updates on the Meredith Travel Program, visit

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