The Return of Summer Study Abroad in 2022

The Office of International Programs (OIP) is looking ahead to the summer months with optimism with the return of Meredith faculty-led study abroad programs! After two years on pause, summer programs are preparing to launch once again with pandemic-resilient protocols in place to mitigate risk and keep participants as safe as possible.

Fall 2021 Study Abroad Success
We had an outstanding fall semester of study abroad at Meredith with students participating in our Meredith in Italy program, as well as affiliate programs in France and England. We’re delighted, too, that Spring 2022 semester study abroad students are either already abroad or beginning programs soon in Italy, Ireland, England, Spain, and Costa Rica. 

We invite you to check out a recent #WorldwideWednesday post featuring reflections from Angelina Morin, ’23, on her Fall 2021 Meredith in Italy study abroad experience:

“Studying abroad during COVID gave me a perspective on how other parts of the world responded to this crisis and cared for their communities. Italy has been resilient throughout the pandemic and works hard to keep its community safe while keeping traditions and celebrations alive. Being in Sansepolcro showed me how a community can care for one another and show kindness in times of crisis. I am endlessly grateful for the patient and encouraging locals who embraced us. I am so excited for future study abroad students who are lucky enough to experience Sansepolcro.”

Meredith Abroad Fair: Wednesday, February 2
The OIP will be hosting the Meredith Abroad Fair on February 2, from 10-11 a.m. on the first floor of Cate Center. This is an opportunity for students to connect with Meredith faculty who are leading study abroad programs during summer and fall 2022. There’s still time to apply!

This event is also a great way to learn about scholarship opportunities and financial aid for study abroad. Meredith has outstanding study abroad scholarships and generous financial aid policies to help make study abroad affordable. Scholarships are both merit-based and need-based. The Fall 2022 Semester in Italy program has multiple scholarship awards of $5,000.

Programs that will be featured at the Meredith Abroad Fair include:

Fall 2022: Semester in Italy

Summer 2022:

Marketing Italy: Hospitality & Tourism

Italian Life and Culture

United Kingdom

Italian Life and Culture + United Kingdom (Whole Program)

Costa Rica: Field Research in Tropical Ecosystems

Costa Rica: Language and Culture

Costa Rica: Digital Media Consulting

Upcoming Application Deadlines
February 15 is the deadline to apply for summer 2022 Meredith Abroad programs, as well as summer and fall affiliate programs.

March 1: We’ve recently extended the deadline to apply for Fall 2022 Semester in Italy.

Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines

February 15 is the deadline for Meredith Abroad Summer 2022, Affiliate Summer 2022, and Affiliate Fall 2022 applicants to apply for a scholarship.

March 1 is the deadline for Fall 2022 Semester in Italy applicants to apply for a scholarship.

As we prepare for summer and fall 2022, we’re looking forward to continuing to show the world what it means for study abroad students to be Going Strong and Going Global!

Photo credit: Dora Fromer, ’23, Meredith in Italy Fall 2021

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