The Library at Your Service: Faculty Services LibGuide

Have you ever wanted to know all of the services the Library provides to our wonderful faculty? If so, there is a Faculty Services Library Guide, which covers them all! Below are some of the highlights that the library offers to our teaching staff.

Faculty have access to online versions of Choice: Current Reviews for Academic LibrariesChronicle of Higher Education, and The Teaching Professor. Choice offers over 7,000 print, media, and online reviews each year. The online version of the Chronicle is published every weekday and you can access it for the latest news in academe.  The Teaching Professor is a newsletter focused on sharing ideas and insight to inspire educators. For all of these resources please note, if accessing from off-campus, you will be prompted to login to your library account.

An on campus service the library provides is Library Liaisons for departments. These librarians support different program’s research and instruction needs. There is a chart listing out who the library department liaisons are and it can be accessed here. If faculty would like a librarian to come into their classes and teach their students about information literacy and library skills, they can simply send an email to the library liaison to coordinate a date. These sessions can be geared toward a certain project, and can cover specific search strategies and locating the right library sources. They can serve as a library refresher course for students too. The librarians can also be consulted when planning research assignments. During these consultations the librarians can cover resources available to ensure students can successfully complete a project. If there is enough lead time we can also order items to add to add to our collection.

However, faculty do not have to wait until a librarian consultation to suggest a purchase for our library. If there is something that should be added to our collection, especially for a class, a purchase request form can be filled out. Another option for accessing books and article from other libraries, is Inter-Library Loan (known as ILL). After the ILL form is filled out, the requested item will be received within 2-14 days. Once the requested book or article is available, an email will be sent letting the patron know it has arrived. When items are borrowed by the faculty from the Meredith Library they are usually due back the first week in August with exceptions for new books and DVDs.  To see more details concerning faculty borrowing privileges you can visit this link.

Let the librarians know if you have any questions as we are here to help!

—Submitted by Amanda Sullivan, Research and Instruction Librarian

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