Teaching Essential Skills: Victoria Bunch, ’05

Victoria Bunch, ’05, works to ensure a system that is essential to the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is used properly.  Photo of Victoria Bunch, Class of 2005, wearing black, white and red top

The NCDOT uses software made by SAP for functions including accounting, budgeting, payroll, purchasing processes, project management, and tracking of inventory and repairs. This software is known as the SAP system. 

“There is very little that happens at NCDOT from a business operations perspective that isn’t somehow recorded in the SAP system,” Bunch explains. 

As the main SAP Trainer and Course Developer, Bunch coordinates and delivers training to NCDOT employees across the state. The unit in which she works offers nearly 60 classes that cover these SAP business processes. She is the primary trainer, and the only one with experience teaching all of the different SAP functions. Bunch is regularly in the classroom four days a week, and she can be found in Edenton one day and Asheville another.

“Lately a typical day for me has been spent in the classroom. I teach classes all over the state for all of the NCDOT divisions … with end users including a range of positions from business executives to mechanics, office assistants to engineers,” she said.

It may be surprising that someone with such an important responsibility had no previous experience in IT or SAP training. Two NCDOT internships and a stint as an English instructor in Angers, France, led Bunch to take on her current position. 

“Knowing from my experience in France that I loved to teach, and feeling confident in what I had learned about SAP, I took the opportunity,” Bunch said. 

She brings to her work enthusiasm, strong organizational skills, and an ability to engage learners.

“I believe in many ways teaching adults is more about having a conversation. I talk to people in my classes like I would talk to anyone,” Bunch said.  

The determination to meet a challenge is something Bunch sharpened at Meredith, where she was an honors student studying accounting.

“I constantly make connections from what I’m teaching to many of the things I learned in the School of Business, but the biggest strength I gained at Meredith was confidence,” Bunch said. “I had the opportunity to be involved in so many different experiences, both academic and student life, that I walked away feeling like I could take on just about anything.”

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