Students Splash Into Service at Meredith

In conjunction with Meredith College’s Three Sisters Community Garden (located behind Weatherspoon Gym), two projects that were kicked off during Meredith’s Splash into Service, a very warm Saturday morning, August 27.

One project involves the placement of large plant containers outside various buildings across campus to demonstrate the variety and quantity of food that can be grown in small, atypical locations.

The other project is the creation of a courtyard garden between Martin building and its annex. Students helped build a beautiful new Food, not Lawns (FNL) garden outside of Martin Hall, and a 16-foot picnic table at the Three Sisters Community Garden.

Students can still get involved. Volunteers are needed to water, weed and harvest! Every Wednesday is volunteer day at the FNL space near Martin, and every Friday is volunteer day at the Three Sisters Community Garden.

Food Not Lawns (FNL) is a national organization and social movement promoting the conversion of urban lawns to edible landscapes, with a strong local and community-based approach. FNL strives to educate individuals and groups about food production and food security issues, assist in the creation of food-producing gardens, and advocate for a just, equitable, sustainable, and healthy food system.

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