Students in Hospitality and Tourism Management Program Visit Local Venues

Site visits to venues and meetings with professionals are an essential part of Meredith College’s Hospitality and Tourism Management program. This semester, students in the program have visited a nearby event venue and one of Raleigh’s best-known restaurants.

Sales Director Molly Fields and co-owners Dana Kadwell and Courtney Hopper of The Bradford welcomed Meredith College’s Event Management students to tour their property in New Hill, N.C.

The Bradford team talked to the class about their journey of designing, building, and operating one of our region’s most fabulous and successful wedding venues.

Cadwell and Hopper are Meredith College alumnae.

Students in another course were able to get a behind-the-scenes look at the Angus Barn, one of Raleigh’s most prominent restaurants, during a recent site visit.

Senior Manager Jill Highsmith introduced Hospitality and Tourism students to the head butcher at the Angus Barn, who showed the group what it takes to prepare their signature aged steaks that are perfectly grilled and served to almost 20,000 patrons every month.

“We loved the tour of the Barn, including the fabulous Pavilion event space, and very much appreciated Highsmith for sharing stories from her wonderful career in hospitality,” said Program Director Michael Altman.

Meredith students also learned about the Walk for Hope event to raise funds and awareness about mental health and helped to promote the event on Meredith’s campus. The Walk for Hope is held on the Angus Barn property. 

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