Student Ambassadors Expanding Reach of StrongPoints®

Now in its second year, StrongPoints is already well-established and integrated across campus. It’s a vital part of every student's orientation, a core component of the First Year Experience's curriculum, multiple workshops have been held to support each of the four areas (academic, experiential, financial, and career), and faculty have worked to infuse StrongPoints in their courses.

Now, according to Assistant Director of StrongPoints Kaitlyn Bayley, a new team of six student ambassadors will help to bring strengths-related programming to campus life through student organizations and clubs.

The StrongPoints ambassadors represent all four classes and a range of majors. They were nominated by the Office of Student Leadership and Service and Class Advisors; each student also had to provide two letters of recommendation. Bayley said the team members were chosen in part because they know their own strengths well and have a good understanding of how to use their strengths in a variety of situations.

The ambassadors' primary role will be to assist student organizations who want to bring a strengths component to their activities.

“Ambassadors can do an introduction to strengths both by helping students understand what their strengths have to offer and how their strengths can work well together,” said Bayley. She noted that groups who have already done an introductory strengths assessment and discussion and are ready to move to the next level of training should contact her or Candice Webb, director of StrongPoints, for assistance.

Other goals for the student ambassador team include planning a series of interactive and engaging events related to each of the four areas of StrongPoints, and helping to communicate with the student body in ways they are more likely to see and find compelling.

“The ambassadors have great ideas for making our events interesting and for reaching our students more effectively. I’m excited to see what they will do,” said Bayley.

Contact Kaitlyn Bayley to request a visit from a student ambassador.

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By Gaye Hill

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