StrongPoints Workshop Series Planned for April 2020

Meredith students are encouraged to register for one or more of a series of virtual StrongPoints workshops.

The schedule for the series is

  • April 13 10 a.m.: Strengths & Resilience
  • April 17 10 a.m.: Strengths & Finances
  • April 20 10 a.m.: Strengths In Teams
  • April 24 10 a.m.: Communicating Your Strengths

The first 30 minutes of each hourlong workshop will be activities to help participants dive deeper into your strengths and apply them to the specific topic. The second half of the hour will be a space where students can bring questions around strengths and the topic of the session.

Each session focuses on a different Strengths topic.

April 13: Strengths & Resilience How to use your strengths in times of challenge or transition to be resilient! This is a safe space to bring questions of how to use your strengths during the current crisis. President Jo Allen will participate in the beginning of this workshop.

April 17: Strengths & Finances How to use your strengths to be financially responsible and even thinking about the financial impact you are experiencing right now from the pandemic. How we can use your strengths to respond to your current financial standing.

April 20: Strengths In Teams Our strengths grow the most in the context of relationships. We will discuss how to partner with individuals and groups that have similar or different strengths than your own. Even thinking about current group projects that will have to be conducted virtually – how can your strengths help in this situation?

April 24: Communicating Your Strengths Do you sometimes have trouble talking or writing about your strengths? Don’t know how to take it the next step? During this session there will be a focus on how you can talk about your strengths in interviews, professional documents, and more.

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