Strong Spaces

  1. Penciled drawing of shoe followed by this text, In working with his students, Johnson leads by example, showing them the rigorous work that goes into a piece. This self-portrait is a “demo,” a piece he makes to demonstrate the process students will use for a particular project, while they observe and ask questions.
  2. This piece is about the people we may overlook and features a custodian who worked at Meredith. Its composition subtly suggests a cross and speaks to those who serve others. A Christian, Johnson’s faith is one source of ideas for his work and can serve as an expression of his values.
  3. This painting was made by Johnson’s good friend while they were in graduate school together. Johnson takes it with him wherever he goes. “It reminds me of that time and being a student.”
  4. Johnson took a sculpture class with another faculty member at Meredith. This piece resulted from working on paper making and paper molds. “We were dealing with perceptions – thinking about how we perceive shapes and space.”
  5. A father of three children (Cydney, Corinne, and Chase), Johnson displays some of their work in his studio.
  6. Johnson finds it helpful to give his students examples of work he created when he was an undergraduate student. “My work from that time shows where I was. Now I’m more set in my ideas – then I was trying things out.”

Print of a jazz player followed by this text,

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