Staying Strong Updates 3/3/21

Vaccine Distribution Now in Group 3
The Office of Human Resources provided the update below on the State of North Carolina’s vaccine distribution plan as an educational resource for Meredith employees as part of the College’s COVID-19 prevention efforts.

Vaccines are being distributed in North Carolina through a phased process. Governor Roy Cooper announced that Group 3 opened to all in-person, frontline workers on March 3.

College and university employees are included in Group 3 if they:

a) need to be in-person to perform their job duties,
b) are currently working in-person, and
c) their job requires them to be in close contact with others.

According to the governor’s announcement, Group 4 may start as soon as March 24. Group 4 includes those with high-risk medical conditions and those living in congregate settings. Students living in on-campus housing are considered to be a part of a congregate living community. Student Health will be in contact with those included in this category after Spring Break to provide additional information.

Group 5 will include all other members of the Meredith community who did not fall into one of the previous groups.

Employees who have questions are welcome to contact HR at The vaccine distribution process continues to evolve. No matter which group you are in, employees are encouraged to visit the Wake County Health Department COVID vaccine website to learn more. The site includes information on the distribution process and FAQs.

Vaccine Information Section on Staying Strong Site
More details about the COVID-19 vaccine is also available at The site includes frequently asked questions and links to Vaccine Finder details for Wake and surrounding counties. Updates will be made to this page as additional information becomes available.

Remember the 3 Ws
While beginning to vaccinate faculty and staff on campus is a positive development, preventing the spread of COVID-19 requires ongoing compliance with public health recommendations, including the 3 Ws: wearing a face covering, maintaining social distance, and frequently washing hands.

For more information, visit the Staying Strong website, which includes resources, community standards for safety, and other guidance, at

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