Social Media Savvy for Professionals

Let’s take a lesson from the young professional at Yelp whose blog post addressed to her CEO went viral in late February. When you get the ear of your CEO, be sure you have something to say that you’re proud of and that showcases the strong professional that you are.

Protect and promote your personal and professional brand. Remember that anything on social media becomes a reflection of you, regardless of the audience for which it is intended. Always consider your tone and how your content may be perceived by your boss, colleagues, even your grandmother. Leverage the power of social media and showcase your skills, use an identifiable photo for your profiles across all platforms and craft bios that read like your elevator pitch.

How much time each day do you spend on your mobile device? Those quick 60-90 second scrolls can add up throughout the day! It is often hard to find time to dedicate to professional development. Look for ways that you can use those hard won minutes in your day to advance your career by making new connections or catching up on industry trends. Use social media to connect with professionals in your industry, or industries that you’re interested in getting into. Someone you’re retweeting or replying to could be your next boss or coworker.

Is your phone loaded with apps where you can crush candy or scan pictures of what your friends are eating? Consider adding an app to your phone to enhance your career development or job search and think about the apps that you already use in a different way.  

Here’s just a few of our favorite apps for job seekers and professionals:

  • LinkedIn & LinkedIn Job Search: Search & Apply for Jobs, Network, Connect with other Meredith Alumnae
  • Twitter: Follow job feeds such as #workinthetriangle, #JobOpening, or company specific feeds like #GEJobs. Use the search function to search by location and “hiring” or a job title.
  • The Skimm: Keep up with the latest news every day quickly. Knowing what’s going on around you can help you network more easily and effectively.
  • Glassdoor Job Search: Find a job. Gather inside information about salaries, benefits, and company reviews by employees.

Want more tips on crafting your personal and professional brand? Interested in building your online presence or looking for a new job? Meet with a career counselor in the Office of Career Planning at any time! Reach out to us at or (919) 760-8341.

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