Seniors Inducted in Alumnae Association

On April 15, the Office of Alumnae Relations held the Senior Induction Ceremony for the Class of 2020. The ceremony happens each year, but this year because of COVID-19 it was held via Zoom with 137 seniors participating. The highlights of the ceremony are the announcement of the senior class gift and the introduction of the class doll.

Taylor Wilson Twine, ʼ13, assistant director of Alumnae Relations, welcomed the group and Annie Morin, ʼ18, a member of their Big Sis class, spoke about how proud the Class of 2018 is of each one of them.

“We have watched you grow for four years and your strength and valor have impressed us so much. Please hold your heads high and do not forget to smile. Your accomplishments are not worthless because they are virtual. I know how strong the Meredith community is — that strength does not fade away when you become an alumna, I actually have felt it get stronger,” said Morin.

Class president Alli Barrow shared how pleased she is with how the class has handled this unprecedented time.

“Memories made and kept in your heart will never be swept away from us,” said Barrow. “You have handled this with so much grace and strength and I can’t wait to be an alumna with all of you.”

Abby Crooks and Whitney Pepper, class of 2020 gift agents, announced that the Student Emergency Fund in the Office of the Chaplain would be the senior class gift this year. This fund has helped approximately 25 students in the past and the goal is to raise $2,020 by the end of 2020. In addition, two alumnae have agreed to give an extra $1,000 if the goal is met.

Anna Griffin and Morgan Johnson, Class of 2020 doll co-chairs, presented their doll to their classmates and the Alumnae Association. The Meredith senior class has presented a doll to the Alumnae Association since 1936. Early dolls were dressed in the styles of Class Day dresses, while recent dolls wear the day-to-day fashions of their classes.

Luna Patience Valencia - Class Doll 2020Luna Patience Valencia is the name of this year’s doll. Her first name Luna comes from their Cornhuskin’ theme their senior year and reminds them of the solar eclipse experienced in the summer of 2017. Patience was inspired by recent COVID-19 events and since the class must wait to fully celebrate their last moments together these current events have required a lot of strength and bravery, which prompted the last name of Valencia.

Luna’s fashion highlights are her keychain that looks like a daisy chain to honor the Class Day tradition and an eco-friendly water bottle to stay hydrated and used to collect stickers to commemorate the class experiences at Meredith. Stickers include a mermaid to show their theme from Cornhuskin’ 2016, a Ruth Bader Ginsburg sticker, an “I Voted” sticker, and a monogram sticker to represent their three class advisors. In addition, Luna’s “Alice” blue jumpsuit was inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” in January, glasses are worn to give her 20/20 vision, and she wears the Meredith onyx.

Hilary Allen, ʼ01, director of alumnae relations, ended the meeting with the official induction into the Alumnae Association. Allen reminded them that Meredith will always be their home and they have the support of 22,000 alumnae around the globe. The Alumnae Association is a link to many women that have come before them and will follow behind them. She also shared with them messages of encouragement from alumnae.

“The important thing to know is that even though your student experience is winding down, your experience as an alumna is just beginning. Each of you is Meredith, and from this day forward, you will take Meredith with you wherever you go,” said Allen.

Allen told the seniors that the College looks forward to celebrating the entire class at commencement when it is scheduled.

“We will soon celebrate each of you at the Commencement Weekend that you very much deserve,” said Allen. “You will turn your class rings so that our seal faces outward to the world that is before you. You will join me and fellow alumnae around the world. And, we will gladly welcome you.”

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