Senior Class Gift Helps Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is vital to the Meredith campus community and the Class of 2017 wanted to ensure that current and future students had the resources they needed and accessibility to the space.

After discussing senior class gift ideas with The Meredith Fund, the Class of 2017 decided the money they raised would be used for renovations to the waiting area of the Counseling Center and Disabilities Services office. This project was important to them because they wanted to show that receiving help for mental health issues is essential to a person’s health and well-being.

“We wanted to create a place that students know is open and welcoming when they need someone to talk through tough times with,” says Autumn Edwards, ʼ17, tri-chair for the senior gift campaign.

The seniors were able to raise $6,168 that will be used for new carpet, paint, and furniture, including wheelchair accessible desks for students to enter their information into laptops before appointments.

Tri-chairs Emily Kelleher, Autumn Edwards, and Dielle McMillan were all pleased with the effort seniors put into the project and feel like their class understands the importance of philanthropy.

The class also had five interior design students who worked on the space for both functionality and design. One of the students, Breanna Hollar, continued to help with the project after graduation, as well as members of the interior design department.

“It was important for us to include these interior design students,” says Emily Kelleher, ʼ17. “By having students from our class design the space, they were using the skills and knowledge that Meredith helped them gain and giving back to the school.”

Renovations are expected to be complete this academic year. In addition, a gift from former Parents Council members Margaret and Harrison Marshall paid for carpet in the hallway and in 2014 allowed for a renovation of the relaxation room.

“This class has certainly given a gift that will make a lasting difference and has already inspired others,” says Beth Meier, director of the counseling center. “Wellness and quality of life are the focus of one of our strategic pillars at Meredith and this gift shows that other value our work.”

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