Sand Mandala Constructed at Meredith College

A Buddhist Sand Mandala was constructed at Meredith College from February 9-11, 2016, in Cate Center Lobby.

The creation and dismantling of intricately designed mandalas from colored sand is a Tibetan Buddhist tradition. At Meredith, the Green Tara mandala was built. Tara is a female Buddha whose qualities include enlightened action and swiftly removing obstacles to spiritual growth, happiness, health, and prosperity.

An opening ceremony was held on Tuesday, Feb. 9, when Geshe Sangpo from Raleigh’s Kadampa Center began constructing the mandala. He worked on the mandala from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.Tuesday and Wednesday, and until approximately noon on Thursday. 

A closing ceremony was held on February 11, during which the mandala was dismantled, and small portions of it were distributed to those in attendance as physical representations of blessings, before the remaining grains were returned to nature.  

The campus community and visitors were invited to watch while this ritual artwork was built. Throughout the three-day event, docents from the Kadampa Center were on hand to answer questions. A public lecture about the different meanings of mandalas was presented on February 9 by Elon University Associate Professor of Religious Studies Pamela Winfield.

These events were sponsored by Meredith College’s Department of Religious and Ethical Studies.

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