Robbins’ Essay Featured in World War I Anthology

Assistant Professor of History Angela Robbins contributed an essay titled “Doing Their Big Bit: North Carolina’s Women on the Home Front” in the edited volume North Carolina's Experience during the First World War, recently published by the University of Tennessee Press.

Robbins’ research focuses on the efforts of club women and college women in the state as they collected supplies, volunteered for the Red Cross, raised money through bond drives, rationed and preserved food, replaced male laborers on farms, and lobbied for their right to vote.

While a common theme of war time mobilization was unity, this work considers the tensions inherent in a segregated society and the various goals of women’s organizations and groups. Meredith College students figure prominently, as Robbins pulled from Oak Leaves, the student yearbook, and other sources to capture campus life and activities during the war. 

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