Religious & Ethical Studies Faculty Member Presents at National Conference

Assistant Professor of Religious & Ethical Studies Steven Benko presented a paper in Seattle at the national meeting of the American Culture Association/Pop Culture Association. His paper was titled, “Charlize Theron Menstruated All Over My Masculinity: Humor as a Response to the Surprise Feminism of Mad Max: Fury Road.” Four other students from Meredith presented as at the meeting. Hayden Hains presented on the disparity between depictions of transgender men and women in media. Her presentation was titled, “The Phallus Will Not Be Televised: An Examination of One-Sided Depictions of Transgender Individuals in Media.” Nyssa Tucker presented on the problem of gender normativity in Alan Moore’s The Watchmen. Her presentation was titled “Finding the Feminine in The Watchmen.” Bri Crumbley presented on Beyonce's formation video. Sidney Shank presented on whether the presence of feminist themes in the post-apocalyptic action film Mad Max: Fury Road made it possible to find feminist themes in Beowulf. Her presentation was titled “Retrospective Feminism: Imperator Furiosa and the (Im)possibility of a Feminist Reading of Beowulf.” 

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