President Allen Shares Messages of Gratitude

The message below was originally shared with faculty/staff via email on May 7, 2020.

Dear Colleagues,

As I have read emails, listened to Zoom meetings with some of you, gotten texts and other communications, I have been so impressed by the high quality of work, concern, and compassion you have expressed for each other, our students, and for me personally. Thank you.

I write today to share a couple of particular expressions of gratitude.  Some families have seen me as they were moving their daughters out of the residence halls.  Comments included, “What a terrific job Meredith has done in this—from instruction to services to move-out coordination.  Thank you.”  Another family of a graduating senior said, “We are delighted with the education and support our daughter has gotten from Meredith.  We will be back for the face-to-face commencement ceremony, whenever it is.  Meanwhile, we are having a family together Saturday night for the virtual ceremony and cannot wait.”

One of our staff members reports that students with whom she has talked were specifically grateful for the kindness of faculty who listened to students’ stories and fears, who extended deadlines for projects and tests, and who accepted personal phone calls to go over complex material or consultations with drafts or additional tutoring for tests.

At the beginning of and throughout this pandemic, so many of us have felt that our Meredith community will rise to the challenges and prove our strength as a source of high quality education, support, and compassion.  You have certainly done that.

Now as we plan for reopening in phases, according to the Governor’s instructions, we look forward to being together and serving our students in more familiar ways.  Although full restrictions are not lifted—meaning we have more days of working from home and following social distancing and face-covering expectations—know how very proud I am to be part of a community whose members’ expressions of high standards and kindness define us. You are the best, and as we navigate the days ahead, know that I would rather work with and live among you than any people any place I know.

Be safe and we’ll be together soon.

Melyssa Allen

News Director
316 Johnson Hall
(919) 760-8087
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