Pow! Bam! Zap! Meredith Strong

Meredith Strong superhero charactersThere’s no doubt about it – superheroes are having a moment. Especially women superheroes. From Wonder Woman to Supergirl, strong female superheroes are all around us in popular culture. Enter the newest team of powerful female superheroes: Meredith Strong.

The team that makes up Meredith Strong comprises five figures: Halo, Onyx, Iris, Angel, and Lux. Each represents a cherished aspect of Meredith College; together, they signify the strong connections among Meredith women and speak to the sisterhood that is a critical component of the undergraduate Meredith experience.

The original idea to develop a superhero came from President Jo Allen, ’80, who reasoned that female superheroes are a natural fit for Meredith, whose brand and history celebrate strong women.

“We believe ALL women are super heroes. Whether our strengths are used for creative expression, problem solving, community bonding, or some other means of helping others gain and use their own strengths, Meredith women are extraordinary,” said Allen. “Sometimes, we may start to shrink from the pace, demands, and divisiveness that surrounds us. The superheroes concept calls on us to recognize and celebrate our powers. And to help others find theirs.”

The team nature of Meredith Strong was influenced by student input on early drafts of the superhero concept, which were more individually focused.  Indyah Bryant, ’19, was one of the students who provided initial feedback.

“It is important that we show a group of superheroes rather than just one because Meredith focuses on unity. When we’re working on group projects or working as a team everyone brings her own skills and strengths together in order to make sure that vision comes to life,” said Bryant.

The all-women team of superheroes made their official debut on Move-In Day, when new students were greeted by students and staff wearing t-shirts with the superheroes’ emblems. Students and families posed with a life-sized cutout of the Meredith Strong team and sported Meredith Strong merchandise including buttons and laptop stickers.

Vice President of Marketing Kristi Eaves-McLennan, ’14, MBA, noted that the diverse group of superheroes are meant to be a fun, fresh extension of the Going Strong campaign, offering a relevant take on what it means to be strong.

“The five-year anniversary of Meredith’s branding efforts seemed like the perfect time to launch this new way to represent the strength and courage of Meredith women,” said Eaves-McLennan. “Meredith Strong represents women coming together, unlocking their individual superpowers and finding ways to use those strengths to make the world a better place. We hope these characters give students and alumnae one more way to express the uniqueness of the Meredith experience.”

Meredith Strong merchandise is available for purchase in the campus store and at

Watch a trailer of Meredith Strong. 

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