Penny Barrel Competition Benefits the Meredith Autism Program (MAP)

For the second year in a row, the office of The Meredith Fund partnered with the Resident Housing Association (RHA) to conduct the Penny Barrel competition during the week of Cornhuskin'. The total amount raised was $1,925.14, making this the most successful year yet!

All collected money was processed through The Meredith Fund and participation percentages were calculated. These figures are useful when speaking with corporations and foundations because the higher giving percentages may qualify Meredith College to receive funding from such prospects.   

Class participation percentages were as follows:
Class of 2014: 15%
Class of 2015: 19%
Class of 2016: 2%
Class of 2017: 2%

Although the Penny Barrel challenge is a competition, its greater purpose is to unify all classes by working together to support a common cause on campus. The money raised helps campus organizations to fulfill their mission, which is aided by the Penny Barrel fundraiser.

On October 14, representatives from three different student organizations presented a five minute case to RHA indicating why the money raised should be donated to their respective group. Each of the students did a wonderful job portraying the influence the funding would make on their organization. All groups deserved the money, but only one could be selected as the recipient. The organization chosen to receive the funding was determined by a vote from all members of the RHA. 

We are proud to announce that all proceeds from this year’s competition will be given to the Meredith Autism Program (MAP). The student representative from the Meredith Autism Program included a brief video in her presentation that identified ways the funding would benefit MAP. The video showcased a current MAP family expressing their appreciation of the program and the many ways the program has positively impacted their family. This unique presentation was heartwarming and enjoyed by everyone in the room. All students and staff cheered in unison when MAP was announced as the winner.

We appreciate the support of the students, faculty and staff who participated in this challenge, and we look forward to a successful competition next year.

Service Project: Though class competition is the most well-known aspect of Cornhuskin’, the week also includes an opportunity for service. This year, 57 students participated in a Cornhuskin’ service project. Meredith students worked with Raleigh Parks and Recreation to remove invasive plant species at Charlotte Hilton Green Neighborhood Park, which is located just six miles from campus.

--Submitted by Margo Alfieri, '11

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