Parents Project: Campus Exterior Lighting Upgrade

The Parents Project for 2013-14 will be an upgrade of campus exterior lighting. This project involves the implementation, replacement and maintenance of outdoor lighting fixtures.

Developed from the requests of current Meredith students, the lighting project would greatly enhance student life. All parents are invited to learn more about the selected project and are given an opportunity to help support it with a gift to Meredith.

“Campus safety and making sure our students feel safe and secure is a primary concern for the Facilities Department. Funding from ARAMARK and the Parents Council for this summer’s Belk Dining Hall refurbishment project  allowed us to replace the heads on our existing light poles in the Johnson Courtyard and add two new poles for the patio area,” says Sharon Campbell, Director of Facilities Services.

Over the last few months, Campus Facilities has been surveying common walkways and parking lots in the evening to find areas where new or additional lighting is needed. Special attention was also given to “low lit areas.” A low lit area is seen as any location where lighting is available but not bright enough.

New pole fixtures or new light strength will be installed according to a master plan for the College that reflects student feedback and collaboration with the Student Government Association.

“The feedback from our students is that they are pleased with the new lighting,” Campbell said. “We also worked with representatives of SGA and other student groups to identify the areas of campus that they feel are the most in need of increased lighting.”

All parents can help by supporting the Parents Project and making a gift online. Watch for more information to arrive in the mail and/or ask questions when a current Meredith student calls from the Phonathon desk.

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