Parents Council Supports The Parents Fund

At Meredith College, we are lucky to have a strong group of parents who give their time, wisdom, and means to make Meredith even stronger.

Parents Council members are dedicated parents of current students and recent graduates of Meredith. Made up of 35 families, the Parents Council is growing. Members attend two meetings per year (fall and spring semesters) and serve the community through their commitment and belief in a Meredith education. They act as ambassadors for College, encouraging enrollment and retention by hosting admission events in their homes. They act as advisors, offering important insights about their daughters’ experiences on campus. And they provide financial leadership at the Iris Society level ($1,000 per year) to The Parents Fund.

The Parents Fund is an annual fundraising initiative that is substantially supported by gifts from our Parents Council, as well as gifts from other families. This year’s project is a continuation of last year’s project, which began the process of upgrading the exterior security lighting on Meredith’s campus. Additional lights have been added to campus, and preexisting lights have been replaced with LED units, which are energy efficient and less expensive to operate. The idea for this project came straight from the student body and was prioritized by President Jo Allen. With the support of the Parents Fund, and the Parents Council, the College was able to upgrade the lights in the outer areas of campus throughout the past year. Now, we are completing the project by upgrading the outdoor lighting on the interior areas of campus.

Please contact me at or (919) 760-8041 to learn more about the Parents Council and to make recommendations for families that would make great leaders, or future projects for the Parents Fund.

—Submitted by Margo Alfieri, '11, Parents Gift Officer

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