New Video Expands Meredith’s Going Strong Brand

Two Meredith graduates in caps and gowns

As the Meredith College Going Strong brand enters its fourth year, a new brand video has been developed. The new video, which is called What is Strong?, unpacks what strong really means: smart, relevant, honorable, confident, and enduring.

President Jo Allen shared a preview of the video with faculty and staff during her State of the College presentation in early August, and the final cut was released to the public on August 30.

Watch What is Strong? 

In the first two days of its release, What is Strong? was shared on social media more than 550 times, and “liked” or “loved” more than 2,000 times on Facebook.

A shorter version of What is Strong? will be viewed on UNC-TV as part of the College’s sponsorship of Masterpiece beginning this month.

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