New StrongPoints Program Empowers Students

StrongPoints Program

At Meredith’s 2014 Founders’ Day celebration, President Jo Allen announced a new initiative that will shape the educational experience of current and future Meredith students.

“StrongPoints™ is a signature program of innovative, personal advising that coaches students through critical learning and life decisions, putting their futures more firmly in their own hands,” Allen said.

The new program will launch in fall 2014. Through this comprehensive initiative, students will identify and use their strengths over the course of their four years at Meredith to help them shape their academic options, engaged learning opportunities (such as study abroad, internships, service learning, and undergraduate research), financial goals, and career choices.

Students will work with trained faculty/staff advisors to explore possibilities and articulate goals that build on and enhance their strengths for succeeding in college and in life.  

Students will have access to resources including the opportunity to create a career portfolio, a robust assessment tool to identify individual strengths, and Strengths Lab, a dedicated on-campus space to develop and refine their strengths.

“Throughout this work, students will better understand life’s challenges, the power of planning, and the opportunities that arise from being well-informed, confident, and proactive,” Allen said.

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This article originally appeared in the Summer 2014 issue of Meredith Magazine.

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