New Branding Campaign Shows Meredith College is Going Strong

This fall, Meredith College launched a multi-year branding campaign called Meredith College | Going Strong that will strengthen Meredith’s visibility and reputation as a high-quality academic institution. The campaign will continue to roll out through the academic year.

The branding campaign, which provides a unifying overall message and design, communicates a promise that Meredith knows its strengths and the strengths of its students.

Meredith College | Going Strong conveys messages of
• academic challenge,
• individualization,
• an environment where it’s safe to take risks – and learn from them,
• a strong tradition of educating women, and
• a passion for teaching all students to discover their strengths and grow stronger.

President Jo Allen sees the brand reflected in the College’s goals for its students.

“Going Strong means taking charge of your life and your options in meaningful ways,” Allen said. “At the collegiate level, it means students’ making good decisions about how to use their gifts and intellect, but it also means making good decisions about their lives beyond college, their values, and their character.”

One example of messaging in keeping with the new brand campaign is this admissions recruitment statement:

“At Meredith College, we believe every student has a wealth of natural resources. We're here to help you find your strengths and make them stronger. Our message is simply this: Wherever you're going in life, go with your strengths - go strong.”

Branding Campaign to Include Advertising in Variety of Strategic Venues

Another example of Going Strong is the brand video.

These messages will be applied in all areas of Meredith College communication, including fundraising and recruitment for undergraduate and graduate programs.

The branding campaign includes advertising in the Research Triangle area, including on broadcast television during local morning newscasts, in The News & Observer, The Triangle Business Journal, and on radio. The Meredith College | Going Strong message is also found on billboards in strategic locations in North Carolina, in regional magazine advertisements and promotional spots on Pandora online radio.

Meredith also launched a fully redesigned website to support the Going Strong brand. The site now includes a parents and family portal that features College news and links to Meredith webpages of special interest to parents. 

The new site was built using responsive design, which provides an optimal website experience across devices, including smartphones and tablets.

The branding campaign and redesigned website support the goals of the College’s Meredith Forever strategic plan. Learn more at:

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News Director
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(919) 760-8087
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