Navigating Career Transitions

Career transitions have become an expected part of career pathways today. Transitions can be prompted by declining engagement at work, lack of upward mobility in your workplace, economic shifts, changing life roles or priorities, and more. Regardless of the catalyst for the change, shifting your career is often challenging.

Visit the OCP YouTube channel to hear from Christine Kelley Storch, ‘02 about how she deftly navigated multiple transitions and parlayed a variety of experiences into marketable skills. Learn how she has built them into her own business now at Dashing Social Media, LLC.

The Meredith community is strong and supportive. Reach out to your alumnae network for support as you navigate your career change. Experts continue to estimate that between 80-85% of all job openings are unadvertised. These opportunities are shared from professional to professional, we refer colleagues and connect people in our network to opportunities that we’re aware of. Join the Office of Career Planning and Meredith alumnae online in the Meredith College Office of Career Planning LinkedIn Group. Start a discussion, ask for advice or support. Don’t forget to share your expertise with others too!

New to LinkedIn? Watch the Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn webinar recording on the OCP YouTube channel for tips on showcasing your experiences and connecting with alumnae and employers to jumpstart your transition. While you’re there, review strategies for job searching and building a strong resume too!

Career Pro Tip: Use a tailored, crafted professional summary at the top of your resume to showcase your most relevant strengths and key experiences and capture attention. Focus on the future, use terms and phrasing from the industry or role that you’re interested in rather than terms from your past positions. This provides a lens with which your resume will be reviewed by employers. These are also great to include on your LinkedIn summary!


Highly motivated trainer with more than five (5) years of experience in instructing small and large groups across diverse industries. Proven success in leveraging educational theories and methodologies to design, develop and deliver successful training programs and integrate instructional technology to provide onsite and virtual training. Adept at organizing and facilitating management and team building training programs and activities. —Teresa Nichols, ’05

Accomplished Content, Social Media and Digital Marketer with a passion for reinventing the content marketing space by driving results through a more connected approach. I’ve been called a relationship builder, visionary and maker with an intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial spirit with a new company built and launched under my guidance and existing offerings transformed through a drive to push teams to reach beyond their existing capabilities. —Christian (Gunter) Sullivan, ’05

—Submitted by Katie Peterssen, Assistant Director, Office of Career Planning

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