Meredith to Celebrate 129 Years of Going Strong with Campaign in Downtown Raleigh

Meredith College celebrates its founding each February. In 2020, one way the College is showing how it is continuing to Go Strong 129 years after it was founded on February 27, 1891, is through a projection media campaign in downtown Raleigh, near where Meredith’s original campus once stood.

Meredith’s campaign will be a short film that will be projected onto buildings in downtown Raleigh for eight nights. The campaign is a new part of Meredith’s Going Strong branding initiative.

“We are proud of our location and long history in the heart of Raleigh. Like Raleigh, we are thriving, we have expanded and become more diverse, and grown our reputation in the state and nation,” said Vice President for Marketing and Communications Kristi Eaves-McLennan. “We thought projecting some of our story in downtown Raleigh was a great way to both showcase our support for and reintroduce ourselves to a city that has grown and changed along with us.”

The campaign will take place February 13-20 starting at approximately 7 p.m. on the Marriott City Center building.

The campaign is a unique way that Meredith is showing the strengths of its students, faculty, alumnae, and academic programs.

“We recently conducted market research that gave us insight into some pretty important things that Meredith College does that our target audiences don’t know. For example, we offer 27 coeducational graduate and certificate programs but a lot of people didn’t know that about us,” Eaves-McLennan said. “This timing, during the month of our founding, gives us a bold, fun way to highlight these messages during a key time in the decision making process for undergraduate, graduate, and adult students.”

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