Meredith Students Participate in Engineering Competition

Nine students in Meredith’s Engineering Dual Degree program participated in 16th annual NC State Freshman Engineering Design Day (FEDD) event.  

FEDD is an end-of-semester opportunity for first-year engineering student teams to showcase their design projects and compete for awards.

Teams competed by building projects such as animatronics, arcade games, bubble makers, hovercrafts, and water fountains. The projects allow students to put core design concepts into practice during their first semester while learning how to work successfully in a design team.

Four of the Meredith participants were on teams that placed highly in the competition.

Nicole Kendzierski and Wendy Espinoza were on a team that tied for first place among animatronics projects. “We built an animatronic of the NC State wolf that wagged its tail and then stood up to play the [NC State] fight song,” Kenzierski explained.

Shannon Holian was on a team that tied for first place in their category. The team built a remote controlled hovercraft with an onboard power source.

Rebecca Stewart’s team project was a stair stacker. This project placed third in the toy design category. The object of the stair stacker game is to race an opponent to build a staircase out of five different colored blocks.

Madison Mabry’s team built a pinball machine. Paige Plaskonos and her team built a bubble-blowing machine. Safa Khan and her teammates built a Rube Goldberg device, which is a series of complex machines that complete a simple task. Julia Doyle’s task was building a projectile launcher that was powered by a five pound weight. Mariia “Mary” Kolisnichenko’s project was a water fountain through which water flowed against gravity.

The engineering dual degree program is an agreement between Meredith College and NC State University that allows students to attend Meredith College and earn a Bachelor of Arts in either chemistry or mathematics, and a Bachelor of Science in engineering from NC State’s College of Engineering. Learn more about the Meredith engineering program 

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