Meredith Students Benefit From Region’s Strong Internship Opportunities

Internship working with tigers

Meredith’s location in Raleigh has many benefits but perhaps the most important is the wide range of internship opportunities available within a short driving distance of campus.

Computer science major Emily Johnson found her summer internship at IBM by attending an Engineering Career Fair. She gained experience that will help toward her goal of becoming a software engineer.

“This internship has given me real-world experience on a technical team at a major technology company,” Johnson said. Student speaking with man in a technology setting room with monitors on wall

She gained insight on how technical teams work. Her favorite aspect was learning how to install and administer an enterprise software product used by major corporations.

“I have learned a ton about the specific product my team supports, the technical support and development process, and the collaboration process,” Johnson said. 

An internship opportunity took student Kerrigan Gudger, ’16, to the Conservator Center in Burlington, N.C., a short drive from Raleigh. Student using tablet computer to take picture/video

“I want to work with animals, but I’m not sure which animals specifically, whether exotics or small animals,” Gudger said. “In this internship I learned a lot about the care for these animals. They’re a little different from your pets at home.” 

She worked with exotic animals, learning the basics of their day-to-day care and supporting the organization’s educational programs for visitors. This internship helped Gudger clarify her career goal of becoming a vet. 

In her internship, history major Tiffany Godwin, ’16, learned how the North Carolina Museum of History uses social media to draw attention to their programs and facilities.

“I worked with the special events coordinator, running Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to advertise using the museum as a venue for special events,” Godwin said. 

The internship was especially beneficial to Godwin, who hopes to work at the N.C. Museum of History in the future, after completing a master’s degree in public history.

“I have learned how much goes into planning events with the museum and have learned more about how museums are run,” Godwin said. “I loved when other employees of the museum saw the posts I did and commented on how I was doing.”

Making contacts in the student’s prospective career field, as Godwin did, is an important part of the internship experience. Future broadcast journalist Shantel Jordan, ’16, who was an intern at WNCN (NBC-17) in Raleigh this summer, sees the value of networking.

“Internships are vital to success after graduation because they give you experience that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get,” Jordan said. “They give you the opportunity to meet professionals in the field. I’ve met some of my greatest mentors through internships, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.”

Jordan, like many Meredith students, has completed multiple internships in the Triangle area. She is a reporter for NC State, covering basketball and football.

“I know it is a very competitive job market in the TV industry so I’ve tried to get the most out of opportunities like these,” said Jordan. 

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