Meredith Shapes Future Leaders

As a member of the Meredith community, your student has the opportunity to engage in an array of leadership and service oriented experiences that will enrich and compliment the learning that takes place within the classroom. The Office of Student Leadership & Service (SLS) provides opportunities for students to get to know themselves and their strengths in a way that will ultimately assist them in contributing positively to Meredith’s campus, their communities, and the world.

One of the most exciting ways for Meredith students to connect to campus is through involvement in our many traditions. From Cornhuskin', a celebration of class unity and friendly competition, to the Guardian Angel Dance, a time for students to honor a significant male figure in their lives, the fall semester is full of ways to celebrate our students, their families, and our campus history. While Meredith students participate in these fun traditions, they also can develop their leadership skills by organizing, planning, and implementing the events.

In addition to planning traditions and other events on campus, students also can engage in service opportunities and leadership development through programs offered by the Office of Student Leadership & Service. Though leadership development programs and service opportunities are happening throughout the academic year, the fall semester is a great time to participate in the Leadership Circle – discussion groups focused on social change, begin working on requirements for the Sophie Lanneau Women’s Leadership Development Program, or participate in Splash into Service!

For those interested in learning more or those unsure of how to navigate the many opportunities available here at Meredith, the SLS office hosts both a Student Organizations and Services Fair and a Service and Internship Fair in the fall semester. These events will allow students to explore opportunities and find out how they can positively contribute to their overall learning experience here at Meredith through campus involvement!

For more information about campus involvement, please contact the Office of Student Leadership & Service at (919) 760-8338 or

—Submitted by Heather Miller, Assistant Director of Student Leadership and Service

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