Meredith Receives $1 Million Preventive Maintenance Gift

Meredith College is pleased to announce that an anonymous donor has recently given a $1 million gift for electrical maintenance.

Gifts such as these are needed to prevent future issues caused when maintenance is deferred. Although they may not support glamorous projects such as new buildings or major renovations, gifts to enhance infrastructure are necessary to sustain a strong living and working environment for the campus community.

“My father received a graduate degree in engineering,” said the donor. “I know how important maintenance is because of him and if you do not perform preventive work, you will have problems further down the road.”

The donor learned about the needs of the campus while listening to President Jo Allen speak at an event. After hearing her talk about the electrical project, the donor spoke with Allen to learn more about how she could help.

“This donor’s gift will resolve a critical threat to the College’s operations,” says Allen. “That she wants no recognition for her gift makes it – and her – all the more remarkable. Talk about a friend to the College!”

The donor has stayed connected to Meredith through the years and appreciates the times she is able to come to campus and be involved. As an adult student she came to Meredith College later in life.

“I did not get into traditions since I was a non-traditional student, but I liked that it was a small college and I got to know so many people,” said the donor. “I loved the fact that before tests people asked who wanted to study together. It was fun and created such a wonderful community.”

As a life-long learner, the donor is pleased that the gift will affect every student, faculty, and staff member on campus. It was important for her to give to something that will keep the College strong.

Melyssa Allen

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