Meredith Poll Finds Voter Uncertainty as Primary Approaches

The Meredith College Poll explored the mindset of North Carolina voters as the primary election approaches. Issues covered included presidential primary preferences, top issues on the minds of voters, and opinion on North Carolina’s new Voter ID law.

While Hillary Clinton is leading in North Carolina’s Democratic primary, The Meredith College Poll found more than 25% of likely Democratic voters are still not sure.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump is leading in the primary, but according to The Meredith College Poll he is still only getting approximately 30% support from likely Republican voters.

“The Meredith Poll results, especially the high number of undecided voters in both parties, show a lot of uncertainty heading into North Carolina’s primary on Tuesday,” said Visiting Professor of Political Science David McLennan, one of the directors of The Meredith College Poll. 

“Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton still have support among their respective bases, but the anti-Trump vote and a large number of voters breaking late for Sanders could signal a tighter-than-expected primary election for the front-runners in both primaries,” McLennan said.

Other findings in the poll include:

Voters surveyed by The Meredith College Poll reported the top issues on their minds heading into the primary are economy/jobs (over 1/3) and international affairs/terrorism (about 18%).

North Carolina's new Voter ID law is familiar or very familiar to 80 percent of likely voters, with almost 2/3 of voters considering it important to preventing voter fraud.

When asked what age in which a person was too old to be president, the average was 72.7 and the most often cited age was 70.

About The Meredith College Poll
The Meredith College Poll survey was conducted using a live-caller, dual frame (landline and cell phone) survey of 364 registered voters in North Carolina. The survey has a margin of error of +/- 5.12 percentage points for registered voters. Meredith College students administer the survey as part of the College's commitment to civic engagement. 

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