Meredith Library Attends NCLA

This year the North Carolina Library Association (NCLA) held its 61st biennial conference from October 20-23 in Greensboro with the theme Make it Matter. The NCLA conference is an opportunity for librarians to gather from all over the state to converse, learn from one another, and get re-energized about librarianship. During the days there are presentations, poster sessions, and chances to hear inspiring keynote speakers.  Our Meredith librarians who attended came away with some great ideas covering information literacy and ways to further engage our patrons with social media and library events.  Our staff, and an alumna, also got to share their own successful ideas and projects they have done at CCL and beyond.

Laura Davidson, the Dean of the Library, attended a panel discussion called “Women in Technology in Libraries.” One of the panelists was Laurie Hunter Reeves who is now working at the State Library on NCPedia.  Reeves is a Meredith alumna who graduated with a computer science degree. She praised her advisor Kristen Watkins and had nothing but positive things to say about her program. Reeves discussed how well her current position is combining her math and programming skills, with her interest in North Carolina history.

There was another Meredith alumna in the audience and Reeves’ presentation inspired this librarian to tell Davidson what a great experience her daughter had in the graduate nutrition program. The woman said how impressed she was with the students she met in that program. The librarians have been discussing future projects to continue helping our students become impressive women. 

One of the bigger new projects on the horizon is a new student-librarian mentoring program. Jeff Waller, Head of Research and Instruction, has attended two presentations from colleges that have had success with similar mentorship programs. He feels one will be great fit at CCL. Amanda Sullivan, a Reference and Instruction Librarian, who also does marketing for the library, came away from the conference bursting with new ideas for social media posts to get our students to do more than just “like” us. The library wants our students asking us questions, and sharing their comments and photos.  Another way the library will be reaching out to the student community is with some fun, new library events next semester along with the Alice themed Murder Mystery. And don’t forget, anyone can like CCL on Facebook to stay informed about what we are doing and our upcoming events!

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