Meredith Holds Successful LeaderShape

Thirty-six students participated in the Meredith College LeaderShape Institute from May11-16. The Institute was held at Fort Caswell on Oak Island.

The students worked in “family clusters” with a staff member from Meredith and were guided in the large group by two national lead facilitators from the LeaderShape Institute. By the end of the week students were able to communicate what their vision for the world is. Students will work to make their vision come to fruition over the years. Some of the visions include:

  • “A world for all people to understand the power of self-worth with the help of education.”
  • “Open a facility called Lizzie’s Safehaven for victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. Also, develop an education program for elementary and middle schools on domestic violence. “
  • “Summer Sports camps for boys and girls ages 10-17 in low income areas.”
  • “New chemotherapy that will have little or no side effects for cancer patients.”

These are just a few of the thirty six visions from the week. As you can see our students have a great respect for the possible.

—Submitted by Peggy Ross

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