Meredith Education Program Has Reputation for Excellence

Meredith College has a long history of producing quality teachers who are exceptionally prepared to work in classrooms in the state of North Carolina and beyond.

The education program’s merits are evident in the strengths of Meredith’s graduates. Meredith’s reputation as a college that produces well prepared teachers has resulted in school systems across the state looking to Meredith College when hiring teachers.

“Our graduates are known for being able to come to school on the first day and know what to do. Our graduates get jobs,” said Mary Kay Delaney, head of Meredith’s education department. “All of the students who graduated from Meredith undergraduate or graduate programs who sought teaching jobs are teaching.”

Graduates of Meredith’s program have received numerous accolades, on the state and national level, for their teaching. Many Meredith alumnae earn awards and accolades in their schools and school systems each year. In 2014, the North Carolina Principal of the Year and the North Carolina Secondary Assistant Principal of the Year were both Meredith alumnae. North Carolina’s Teacher of the Year in 2010-11 was a Meredith alumna, and a Meredith alumna was the recipient of the Milken Educator Award, known as the “Oscar” of teaching, in 2012.

Meredith College’s education program has a unique approach to educating teachers. A Meredith student who plans to become a teacher majors in the field of her choice and, at the same time, pursues a program that leads to teaching licensure. This combination of a college major plus a teacher education program uniquely prepares Meredith graduates to meet the needs of their students.

“We’re passionate about making sure our teachers are prepared to teach every kid in the state,” Delaney said. “We want our graduates to be excellent teachers for all students.”

Meredith College offers the following teacher education programs:
•Birth through Kindergarten
•Elementary K-6
•Middle Grades 6-9 in or English/language arts, math, science,  or social studies
•Secondary 9-12 in or English/language arts, math, comprehensive science, social studies
• Specialty Areas in English as a Second Language Spanish, Art, Music, Dance, Theater, Family & Consumer Sciences or Health and Physical Education.

Meredith also offers graduate programs in education. Teachers can earn a Master of Education with specialties in academically and intellectually gifted (AIG), elementary education, English as a second language (ESL), reading and special education (general curriculum).

Meredith’s Master of Arts in Teaching is designed for people who have bachelor’s degrees in fields other than education and are seeking initial N.C. teaching licensure in elementary education for K-6, English as a second language (ESL) for K-12, or special education (general curriculum) for K-12.

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