Meredith College Establishes Conservation Policy

President Jo Allen recently approved the establishment of a campus conservation policy. The policy was developed to standardize the College’s conservation efforts in recycling, energy, water, and sustainability; both ongoing and for future planning.

Establishment of a policy is also a necessary step in helping to secure new sources of funding for our conservation projects, and demonstrates Meredith’s commitment to the good stewardship of our natural resources.

Please review the policy below and keep it in mind as you conduct your daily campus activities.

Meredith College Conservation Policy

Meredith College is committed to a campus-wide energy conservation, sustainability, and recycling program.  We work to reduce our carbon footprint through implementation of energy and water conservation projects, community education, and better management of all our natural resources.

To achieve these goals, we have established the following initiatives and policies:

All campus facilities will be operated using the most energy efficient methods available to us, including night, weekend, and holiday temperature setbacks, turning off unused equipment and lights, keeping windows and doors closed, and having blinds set in the most efficient position.

When purchasing new equipment and appliances, every effort will be made to purchase those with an Energy Star or equivalent rating.

Food waste generated on campus will be composted at either our campus composting station or by a third party.  Compost created will be used on campus to reduce chemical usage and improve soil conditions.

Recycling options will be available at all campus functions and throughout the campus grounds.  Paper, cans, and glass waste generated by staff and students will be recycled.

When possible, conservation projects will be integrated into the educational curriculum to allow for student, faculty, and staff participation and education.

Conservation projects and campus interaction will be promoted through the Meredith Energy Management website.

When available, environmentally safe chemicals and methods will be used for cleaning and general housekeeping purposes.

We will continually seek new funding avenues for current and future conservation efforts and build on our previous accomplishments by reinvesting utility savings to every degree possible.

By implementing these policies and guidelines, we hope to nurture a culture of conservation and sustainability within our campus community.

—Submitted by Dave Lyons, Energy Manager

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