Meredith Celebrates Student Success

Meredith College held a campus event to celebrate student success on October 22, marking milestones in student retention and graduation rates. In 2019, Meredith students achieved both record four-year graduation rates and the highest retention rate since 1999.

Meredith’s first-to-second year retention rate has increased 10 percentage points over the past seven years, and its four-year graduation rate has increased 15 percentage points over an equivalent number of years. Meredith’s four-year graduation rate is higher than the rates of nearly every N.C. public university.

The celebration, held in Carlyle Campbell Library, was a way to recognize these indicators of student success and to celebrate students for their achievements.

“While retention and graduation rates are important, respectfully, rates are not what we’re celebrating today. We’re here to celebrate the individual women that chose to come to Meredith, go to class, make good grades, persevere through all of their unique challenges and obstacles, and stay strong,” said Brandon Stokes, director of retention & student success. “More and more students are making a plan, achieving their goals, and graduating on time, which means we – the faculty, staff, and administrators of Meredith – are fulfilling our commitments to them.”

Meredith has made concerted efforts to support students in their progress toward graduation, from implementing StrongPoints, a personalized advising and coaching initiative that is an integral part of the Meredith experience, to creating Promise Scholarships as an investment in the potential and promise of first-year students who demonstrate additional financial need.

President Allen thanked those across campus who have contributed to such efforts, including the Office of Admissions for bringing “bright, wonderful and prepared students to campus;” Meredith faculty, who “make teaching interesting, supportive, and challenging all at the same time;” staff, both those who support students directly and those who work behind the scenes every day to make campus beautiful and comfortable; Avenging Angels Athletics, and more.

Allen concluded by reiterating the gathering was intended to highlight the achievements of Meredith students.

“We want to celebrate our students most of all,” she said. “They come here with a purpose, they shine in incredible ways, and they inspire us every day.”

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