Meredith CamCards Updated for Incoming Students

Meredith College identification cards, known as CamCards, will have the addition of an expiration date for incoming students. The addition of this date will allow the cards to serve as identification when voting in North Carolina elections, should that be required in the future.

In 2018, North Carolina approved an amendment to the state constitution that would require voter identification starting with the 2020 election. This change has been blocked by a federal court order, and voters will not need to show identification until further order of the courts.  Meredith College is adding the expiration date so that student CamCards will be accepted at the polls should this order be reversed.

Incoming students including first-year, transfer, and new graduate students, will have the expiration date on their CamCards. At this time, returning students do not need to have their CamCards replaced.

Melyssa Allen

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