#MCStayingStrong Spotlight: More Favorite Campus Places

As part of the #MCStayingStrong social media series, Meredith community members were asked to share pictures and thoughts about their favorite campus places. This was a way to virtually visit campus. Here are a few more favorite places shared by the Meredith community.

Entrance to Faircloth Gate“My favorite place on campus is the entrance through the Faircloth Gate. As I drive through the gate and up this hill to work each day, I feel like Lucy Pevensie, climbing through the wardrobe into Narnia. Meredith is magical, full of interesting, beautiful creatures and extraordinary customs; not without challenges, but together, we confront difficulties with courage and strength.” –Assistant Director for Disability Services Carolyn Koning

Commuter Lot with trees in Bloom“My favorite places on campus at Meredith are the ones that capture the natural beauty of the community. The little moments walking in between classes and work, relaxing and sharing a meal in the courtyard, walking to the commuter lot, or gardening in the Martin Garden will all be fond memories of my time spent at Meredith because of the beauty and colors that were set before me. The campus is so well kept and I’m very grateful for all those who help maintain its beauty. Every season brings new colors and life to the little place we call home.” — Lizzie Gildner, ’20

Students on 3rd Floor Balcony during Cornhuskin looking at crowd “My favorite spot on campus is the 2nd floor balcony Johnson Hall. This is my favorite spot because I am able to look over the whole campus. During Corn is my favorite time to be up there because you can see all classes coming together under the balloon arches. It’s a special place because some of my favorite memories and pictures are made on this balcony. It’s a very emotional spot as my time at Meredith comes to a close, but a spot that makes me appreciate the sisterhood and beauty of Meredith College” –Sydney Hardee, ’20

Sun rise through the trees at Lux Hall“The Meredith campus is so gorgeous at any time of day, but my favorite time to explore its beauty is very early in the morning when the sun cuts through the trees in startling rays and the birds are singing joyful songs. Lux Hall in the morning is particularly magical as it awaits the promise of a new day filled with learning and overcoming challenges together.” — Associate Director of International Programs Liz Yaros, ’06

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