#MCStayingStrong Spotlight: Favorite Campus Places

As part of the #MCStayingStrong social media series, Meredith community members were asked to share pictures and thoughts about their favorite campus places. This was a way to virtually visit campus. Here is a sample of the favorites that were shared.

There were several votes for Johnson Hall and the Beam Fountain Plaza, which were noted for playing an important part in many Meredith traditions and for their popularity for photo shoots.

Lina Wafaa Chaarawi lunder balloon arch“The fountain in front of Johnson Hall is my absolute favorite place. It is a special place where we let all of our good memories float from freshman year. It is also a tradition to get a picture there for Cornhuskin’, Ring Dinner, Formal and many more!” –Lina Chaarawi, ’20

Marisa Thomas on balcony pointing at Onyx Ring“Johnson Hall and the fountain in front of it are so special to me because it is the first thing you see when entering Meredith. They are a symbol of Meredith College. On a normal day the fountain is calming but during Meredith’s traditions such as Ring Dinner and Cornhuskin’ it is filled with many of my sweet Meredith sisters. It looks so grand and this was the perfect place to take pictures for a special night in a special place.”– Marissa Thomas, ’21

Madisyn ClarkOther campus places were also shared because of the events that take place there. Madisyn Clark, ’22, likes the tunnel because of its connection (currently) with her Big Sis class.

“One of my favorite spots on campus is the tunnel leading to President Jo Allen’s house. Every year the senior class paints this tunnel and reveals their work during the President’s Raid during Corn week,” Clark wrote. “I love being able to see all of the different designs capturing their four years at Meredith. This year was extra special as we saw our Big Sis class’s hard work pay off and enjoyed special notes from them. This Little Sis class is sending lots of love to our Big Sis class during this time!”

Associate Professor of History Angela Robbins picked a location where her department holds “Speak Out” sessions each semester.

“The Free Expression Boards are one of my favorite places on campus because of Speak Out!, an event that allows students, faculty, and staff to share speeches, letters, poems, and more from historical figures they admire,” Robbins said.

Several community members mentioned areas of Meredith’s campus for their beauty. Associate Professor of Geoscience Matthew Stutz chose the Meredith Forest, Professor of English Kelly Morris Roberts shared McIver Amphitheater, and Professor of Sociology Lori Brown picked one of the large trees near Lux Hall.

“My favorite location is the big tree outside Lux near the library,” Brown wrote. “The tree is GRAND, and old. To think of all the things this tree has seen at Meredith College over the years all the students and faculty who have walked by or enjoyed the shade it offers.”

The Dickson Foundation community garden was also chosen by a few different Meredith community members. Associate Professor of Communication Carla Ross chose it because her forgiveness classes uses it. Assistant Director of International Programs Traci Stewart Johnson said it is her favorite because “where flowers bloom so does hope.”

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