Introducing Academic Skills Coaching

The Office of Academic Advising is excited to announce Academic Skills Coaching for students at Meredith College. Many very smart students find themselves overwhelmed, when all they need to do is polish their study skills. Academic Skills Coaching is a new service which may make your student’s college experience more productive.

When most people think about coaching, traditionally they think about sports. Coaches lead the team, help develop workouts, create practice schedules, and provide encouragement. This combination of support helps team members prepare for the big game.

Academic coaches provide the same type of help for a student’s learning fitness. Academic Skills Coaching is designed to encourage students to become more self-aware through a better understanding of their strengths, academic goals, and proactive academic skills while providing encouragement along the way.

As different issues come up throughout each semester, there might be different topics a student would want to go over with an academic coach. Here’s a sample of what those themes might look like:

Academic Goal Setting

Study Strategies

Time Management

Strengths application in the classroom

Grade Evaluation and Tracking

Increasing Motivation

Create and Implement Academic Action Plans

Making Better Use of Campus Resources

Prioritizing Assignments and Commitments

Academic Skills Coaching sessions are by appointment and students can schedule via the Academic Advising website For inquires, please email our Academic Coaches at or call the Office of Academic Advising at (919) 760-8809.

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