Inspiring Future Generations of Healthcare Professionals

Five Meredith College students – all biology majors – participated in STEM Career Day at Cary’s Kingswood Elementary School in April 2016. 

Hira Ansari, ’17; Sierra Moorefield, ’18; Amy Poonnak, ’17; Kelsey Wilson, ’17; and Andie Woodson, ’18 (who also is majoring in public health), performed a skit for third- through fifth-grade students that demonstrated different possibilities for careers in healthcare. 

They delivered their presentation three times, and after each session the questions came flying: 

“What does an epidemiologist do?

“How much education do I need to become a doctor?”

“How do parasites get into your body?” 

The students deftly answered the wide-ranging questions, encouraging the eager health-professionals-to-be in each audience. 

“The best part was listening to the kids’ reactions to what we were doing up there,” Woodson said. “They were participating and asking good questions. I really enjoyed talking with them.” 

Moorefield agreed. 

“I feel like at a young age, children should be exposed to every field,” she said. “It’s a great benefit for them to get firsthand exposure to people like us who are going into public health careers.” 

Meredith Associate Professor of Biological Sciences Karthik Aghoram, who coordinated the partnership with Kingswood Elementary, said that activities like this are a win-win for all involved. 

“This is a wonderful learning experience for the elementary school children,” he said, “but it’s also a unique opportunity for our students to demonstrate their knowledge and generate awareness of all the possibilities of a career in healthcare.” 

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