Huey-Yuh Lin Has Article Published in Journal of Literature and Art Studies

Adjunct Instructor of Foreign Languages and Literatures Grace Huey-Yuh Lin had an article published in the Journal of Literature and Art Studies this month. In the article, “Nature as Harmony: The Foundation of Chinese Poetry,” she argues that throughout Chinese history, with the varied external conditions, Chinese poetry is foundational on nature itself. “It is further argued that nature itself equates to inner and outer harmony. Three well-known poets, Wang Wei (706-761) in Tang Dynasty (618-907), Su Shi (1037-1101) and Zhou Dunyi (1017-1073) in Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), were featured. As compared to Tang Dynasty, it has been argued that Northern Song Dynasty is in the state of great political instability. Yet regardless of the external conditions, the poetry of these three poets is consistently foundational on inner and outer harmony.”

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