Health Advocate: Shelly Wegman, ’99

"Nutrition is a science that is changing every day. Meredith’s nutrition program prepared me to be able to judge what is accurate."

Shelly Wegman, ’99, has completed every nutrition program offered at Meredith, and now uses her know-how to help individuals and groups improve their health.

Wegman completed an undergraduate degree in nutrition in 1999, the dietetic internship in 2000, and the Master of Science in nutrition in 2009. She is a registered dietitian at Rex Wellness Centers in Raleigh and Garner, N.C.

“I work with a variety of clients for food allergies, weight management, sports nutrition, diabetes/heart disease, and with bariatric clients,” Wegman explained. She also leads group sessions, Photo of Shelly Wegman, Class of 1999presents at health fairs, and teaches a 10-week healthy eating program.

Meredith’s nutrition program gave Wegman a strong knowledge base, and the skills needed to do research and continue learning on her own. She praises the program’s individual attention, and the way the faculty encouraged her success.

“Nutrition is a science that is changing every day. Meredith’s nutrition program prepared me to be able to judge what is accurate,” Wegman said. “It gave me the science and the counseling foundation to be able to provide my clients with the knowledge they need for success.”

Good communication skills are essential in Wegman’s job, both with clients and through community outreach, including appearances in the local media. She writes a monthly nutrition column for The News & Observer, choosing topics that relate to current nutrition concerns or from the types of questions that she hears from clients. She’ll also do television interviews if there’s a story about nutrition in the news and they want to put a local spin on it.

In all her roles, Wegman’s passion for helping people become healthier by improving their nutrition comes through.

“I love working with people on the preventive measures that make them healthier, stronger, and more aware of how the food they are eating impacts their health,” Wegman’s said. “I show them that good food can still be fun, and they can eat well on a budget.”

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