Front Gate Enhancement Update

Through the generosity of many donors to the 2017-18 Parents Fund, Meredith’s front entrance is looking spiffier and safer!

During the spring semester, work began to renovate the guardhouse and install a security system. The primary renovation portion of the project was completed in mid-February.

Inside the guardhouse, all of the interior woodwork (cabinets, shelves, door), flooring, lights, HVAC unit, and windows were removed, leaving just a shell structure. Once that was completed, new windows and doors were installed.

New tile flooring and custom-made cabinets were installed along with the addition of an HVAC unit, enabling Campus Police to staff the guardhouse year-round. Finally, an improved lighting system was installed with the ability to dim and brighten the lighting inside the guardhouse.

The exterior was given a fresh coat of paint on all the wood surfaces and the roof was refinished to show its true aluminum color, which blends with the newly refinished Johnson Hall dome.

During the summer, electronic stop arms on the entrance and exit sides are scheduled to be added. The final phase of the project is the installation of license plate reader cameras.

This impactful project that will enhance the entrance to campus and make our campus safer was made possible by gifts to the 2017-18 Parents Fund, with The Parents Council leading the way. Support the 2018-19 Parents Fund.

Melyssa Allen

News Director
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