Finding Her Place in the World of Television: Kiran Subramaniam, ’11

Picture of Kiran Subramaniam, long dark hair, v-neck shirt The skills and confidence she strengthened at Meredith have taken Kiran Subramaniam, ’11, all the way to Hollywood. The English and theatre   major is now a TV development assistant for actor Steve Carell’s Carousel Productions.

 “I work with the Vice President of Television Campbell Smith, helping with the production of our TV shows,” Subramaniam said. “I assist in taking   notes, reading scripts, setting meetings, and am basically one of the ‘fixers.’ If something’s going wrong on set, I’ll try to put that fire out.” 

 Subramaniam said the position allows her to learn from Smith, Carell, and the others with whom she works.

 “This sets me up for my own success in the future: I want to write, produce, and act in my own show, and I’m learning how to do just that,” she   said. 

 She also has time to pursue her own endeavors. “I still have the time and opportunity to pursue my work, which is very gratifying,” she said. “It’s   an awesome learning experience.” 

 Her goal is to write for television. “I’ve always loved to write and perform, and am so passionate about women working in comedy,” she said. “I   want to shake up the entertainment world and create funny and diverse content.”

 Subramaniam credits Meredith College with preparing her for success in her chosen career. 

 “The Meredith community challenged me to be the best individual I could be. I learned the value of prioritizing and organizing, and that it was   necessary to ask questions if a concept wasn’t understood,” she said. 

  Faculty helped her thrive in both her majors, and supported her aspirations.

“Every time I felt afraid to take the leap and go to Los Angeles to pursue a career in writing and performing they encouraged me and made me trust myself,” she said. “I left Meredith confident and capable of accomplishing whatever goal I put in front of me.”

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