Fall 2014 Marks Beginning of Meredith’s StrongPoints Initiative

After months of preparation and training, the campus was ready to introduce new freshmen and transfer students to StrongPoints during New Student Orientation in August. The new initiative is focused on identifying and developing student strengths and helping students apply their strengths to maximize their time at Meredith. StrongPoints focuses students’ attention on four areas-academics, experiential involvement, financial literacy, and career planning.

StrongPoints is being integrated into several programs for new students. First, during New Student Orientation, new freshmen and transfer students completed the StrengthsFinder assessment and participated in Strengths 101 sessions aimed at helping them understand and begin developing their strengths. They also engaged in conversations with faculty and student advisors to begin applying their strengths to their transition to Meredith.

StrongPoints is also being infused into the curriculum for FYE 100, a one credit hour seminar course for new students. With nearly 80% of the freshman class enrolled in this course, the FYE class is an excellent avenue for implementing StrongPoints for new freshmen. For those freshmen and transfer students not enrolled in FYE, a series of workshops and programs is being developed to ensure their access to information related to the four elements of StrongPoints.

Of course StrongPoints is not just for new students. Returning students also have access to StrongPoints through programming offered through Academic & Career Planning, Financial Literacy Week scheduled for October 20-24, and the StrengthsLab, a space in Academic & Career Planning available for students to use for meetings, studying, and socializing. The StrengthsLab will also contain resources and information related to each of the StrongPoints elements. Academic & Career Planning will also staff the StrengthsLab at designated times during the fall semester. During these times, students may stop by to ask questions about any element of StrongPoints or to talk about their strengths.

While this is an exciting time of implementation for StrongPoints, we are also looking forward to examine ways to expand the initiative. The StrongPoints Advisory Committee, comprised of staff and faculty, has begun planning for the next phase of StrongPoints to ensure that students continue developing their strengths through StrongPoints throughout their time at Meredith.

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